Name Morgan Parse
Birthday October 10, 1992
Height 5'10"
Species iberian lynx
Gender female
Pronouns she/her
Orientation lesbian

Morgan Parse

Content Warning

This article mentions abuse, self-harm, drug use, suicide, hospitalization, and some themes of dereality/unreality.

Morgan is a founder of PIPE DREAM SOUNDSYSTEMS. She produces emotional speedcore/breakcore under the alias Evenghost, although a lot of her music is widely experimental and covers a lot of different genres. Mostly, it is simply an outlet for strong feelings (most of which happen to be negative); a coping mechanism.


Caring, sympathetic, confident, sentimental, invulnerable. Cold, abrasive, short-tempered, detached, difficult, gloomy, resentful. Morgan is ever-changing, but these few things remain as constants.


Morgan has dark gray fur, with a lighter gray chin and tummy, and darker gray markings on her ears, fingers/toes, tail, and back. She has deep red eyes, as well as a red nose and red inner ears/pawpads. She tends to dress more casually, usually just wearing a combo of a t-shirt and shorts. [AN: I'm not entirely sure what her style is yet, but I think she would dress goth or emo on a better day]


Morgan grew up in a very, very high income household with a family that just did not really care about her. Her parents, at the very least, cared enough to hire someone to take care of her during the week, as they had the money to spend, but they couldn't be bothered to interact themselves. She grew up pretty isolated - she went to a private school, had about 0 friends. The only person she really actively tried to be friends with anymore was Glacier, her sister, who did not like her. Morgan’s parents are horrible corrupt rich people and they invite other horrible corrupt rich people over for parties very often. None of them treat Morgan or Glacier kindly. By 16, she is riddled with trauma and mental illness, and starts to act out. Her parents punish her harsher and harsher until she decides that she can't take living like this anymore, in a place where no one truly cares for her. She takes her most important belongings, and hops on a bus headed to the middle of nowhere. And “the middle of nowhere” happens to be where Gynx lives.

She is homeless for a while, but she manages, despite the shock of going from having this huge house and her parents’ money to support her, to having nothing and no one. Her and Gynx meet, and they connect immediately. They start seeing each other frequently, with Morgan spending a lot of time at Gynx's house. Gynx picks up on the fact that Morgan is homeless and offers her a place to stay. Not wanting to be impolite, Morgan declines at first, but Gynx insists, so she decides to stay. Gynx still lives with his dad and 2 siblings at this point so there's no empty rooms in her house, but he sacrifices his privacy for Morgan's sake. Now living together, Morgan and Gynx grow closer and closer, and Morgan develops a bit of a crush on her. Gynx shows her the internet, which is something she never knew about surprisingly - and teaches her about music production too. She just falls more in love with him the more she learns about her.

Morgan grows her hair out because she's not forced to have it short anymore. She doesn't know that being a girl is an option yet, but she's getting close - and soon, she discovers transness through the internet. [AN: I like to think she found out from someone making fun of a trans person and she was like wait hold on, I can be a girl if I want?] So she researches it a while, fascinated to say the least. Over the next few days, she realizes, this is what she has wanted her whole life but she has never known it until now. She tells Gynx "I think I want to be a girl" and he is extremely supportive of her; they celebrate her new identity together by going out shopping for some new clothes, and some treats of course.

[AN: I am not sure how realistic this next part is because currently it is 2009 in the timeline but I don't care it's my furry ocverse I get to make the rules] Soon, Morgan gets HRT and falls in love with the self she had only just begun to know. She starts working on music more often, and she gets a job, learning to support herself. She also regularly goes with Gynx to her bimonthly pizza place rave and loves it! And soon… Gynx has caught feelings of her own for Morgan. Eventually, they talk about it, because it’s pretty obvious they have feelings for each other at that point, and they decide to start dating.

For the first couple months, it’s perfect. But slowly yet steadily, their relationship melts into a toxic cesspit of insecurity and codependency. There is genuine love behind their relationship, but they both have so many problems with themselves that go unaddressed that it makes it impossible to love each other healthily (right now). They are together for 3 years, before Morgan snaps and decides to break up with Gynx. She moves out of Gynx’s house after a few days of them having separated, because it’s just unbearably painful for Morgan to be around her anymore. Morgan’s new place is not in the best part of town, nor the safest.

Morgan finds herself spiraling into a deep depression unlike anything she has ever felt before. She starts frequently using hard drugs, self harming, and getting herself into very dangerous situations. It’s at the point where she has attempted suicide multiple times, and if it wasn’t obvious already, things are very bad for her right now. She realizes eventually that she has to do something, and decides; “I have to fix this.” She has lost her one and only best friend after a whole life of having no one close, and she misses him dearly. She contacts him after months of having not spoken a word to her, and the two agree to meet at a local park that night to talk. They find each other in the middle of a storm, but it calms as they approach each other. They talk, apologize, reflect, and agree to just be friends. [AN: now they have permanent gay tension. Lol get fucked] Morgan writes an album about this.

Things seem to be okay for a while. Morgan moves back in with Gynx. They start working together to refurbish the abandoned pizza place that they raved at in the past. The building is 2 stories - upstairs is a few office rooms. The two decide to turn the second floor into somewhat a second home, using the offices as bedrooms, and the downstairs being half living space (kitchen, common room) and half studio. This building would now be known as PIPE DREAM SoundFactory II (the first being Gynx's bedroom), and PIPE DREAM SOUNDSYSTEMS was officially up and running.

Morgan starts having increasingly uncomfortable nightmares. She has dreams of running through an endless hospital, dreams of freezing to death, dreams of panic and desperation. She talks to Gynx about this, and he assures her that the nightmares will go away eventually. They do, for a while, but only for a while. One night, Morgan plays a pretty song on an old piano in Gynx's house. She's up later than usual, so Gynx tells her to go to bed. She does so, reluctantly, and drifts off to sleep.

She awakens to find herself in a snowy forest. She walks around for a while and finds a trail of footprints. She follows the footprints to the train tracks. She looks back and forth, but can't see a visible end to the tracks, or what's on the other side, as it's obscured by a thick sheet of fog. Hesitantly, she decides to cross. But things on the other side aren't as they seem. The fog dissipates to reveal a massive, unmarked building. Morgan goes inside; because it's just a dream, right? Nothing bad can happen.
But not everything is as it seems.

To her horror, the building is a hospital. She turns around and runs back to the front doors, only to find them locked. She decides to look for another way out. She goes further and further in, and the hallways only seem to get narrower and more confusing. Scared and angry that she's trapped in the same nightmare again, Morgan goes into one of the hospital rooms and starts throwing things around and breaking them. Shattered glass and blood covers the floor. It feels suffocating. She collapses, not caring about the shards of glass cutting into her. I have to get out, she cries. And cries. And cries. She stands up shakily, and continues to search for a way out. Eventually, she finds a door. It leads outside. She goes through the door, but when she turns around, the hospital has vanished.

The snowy landscape seems to stretch on forever. No trees or bushes. Just snow and ice. Morgan walks straight forwards, hoping that she will find something or wake up soon. It's so cold. The dream has lasted for hours, with no end in sight. She trips over something under the snow and falls, and is dragged beneath. She tries to fight back whatever is dragging her down, but that only makes it pull harder. She opens her mouth to cry out for help, but it is suddenly filled with snow. She struggles, desperately clawing at the snow trying to dig her way out. She gives up, and whatever had been pulling her had disappeared. Morgan, exhausted, curls up under the snow, and cries. And cries. And cries.


Morgan wakes up. Freezing cold, but safe in bed. She jolts upwards, patting herself all over as if shocked that she was alive and...real. She jumps out of bed and wakes Gynx up. He's confused, but when Morgan explains what happened, he comforts her with a hug, surprised at how cold she is. He is curious about the dream, as he has had similar ones...but unsure if he wants to poke her about it, as it seemed to have really, really freaked her out. Gynx decides to tuck it into the back of her head, and to wait and see if either of the two have more dreams like that. Morgan writes an album about the dream.

The nightmares go away for a while, and her dreams are now filled with vague but pleasant ideas. However, Gynx has started to have nightmares recently. Morgan is curious, but she is unable to explain it, wordless. She notices a few days later that Gynx has bags under his eyes and seems to be very tired and grumpy. Morgan asks what is wrong, and Gynx says she hasn't been able to sleep because of the nightmares, stating that she is "afraid". Morgan is puzzled, but... the human brain is a very strange thing. It could very well just be an odd coincidence; a phenomenon. She brushes it aside for now, but it still bothers her. Her dreams become more drawn out, and stranger yet more realistic. It's almost like living in an alternate reality. Sometimes, she has dreams that seem to go on for days, or even weeks, but when she wakes up, she can hardly remember what happened.

Morgan decides to ask Gynx about the dreams again. She says that they have been getting worse and more vivid. She still has barely slept recently, though; only enough to keep herself up and running. He is curious about Morgan's dreams, but she says she can't particularly remember them. Gynx says that maybe the dreams have gotten worse due to his lack of sleep. Morgan suggests she take melatonin, and that she will do the same thing to see if it changes the contents of the dreams. Surprisingly, it does. Gynx sleeps like a brick, enjoying his own dream.. Morgan has a dream of collapsing skies, shattered rainbows, glimpses of past and future, and something sleeping beneath the snow. It was tantalizing, drawing her in... and suddenly everything ends. Morgan wakes up in a panic, shocked by the contents of the dream. She pulled out her phone to check the time. It was still the middle of the night. She sighed, and decided to go back to sleep and face another dream.

But there was nothing.

When she wakes up from the empty dream, she sees that Gynx is awake too. Something feels off, though. "Did it help?" Morgan asked groggily. Gynx nodded and rubbed his eyes. He explained a dream eerily similar to Morgan's. Morgan was confused as to why it didn't disturb him. He explained that she must have seen it differently, that it's all in her head. And this made her furious. All in my fucking head? And then, the fighting began. They argued for a long time; it escalated to screaming and phsyical fighting in the end. Morgan was enraged. She had been basically retraumatized by her nightmares. And it seemed like Gynx didn't really believe her that much, despite almost the exact same thing happening to him. He seemed to have brushed it off easily, but the nightmares followed Morgan everywhere she went. When the fight had stopped, Morgan ran back to her room crying; she was in disbelief. She locked herself in, throwing herself into bed. She looked outside the window. The icicles that had formed on the building were melting. She was still sleepy though... and before she knew it she was out like a light.

Slipping into another dream, Morgan finds herself in a snowy clearing surrounded by trees and a frozen river. Flurries of snow dance through the air. [AN: the following text is censored because it contains descriptions of self(?)-harm/gore.]

Morgan hugged herself as tight as she could; her claws were digging into her arms. Blood welled where the claws were; When she tried to move her hands, she couldn't. It was like something else had taken over. Her claws were dragged across her arms, creating deep gashes. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound would come out. She fell to the ground, eyes wide. Although she was trembling, Morgan still could not regain control over her body. The hands, which were no longer her own, rip into her arms again. Blood pours onto the snow. Morgan convulses and shakes but the hands continue to hurt her. She feels lightheaded, and the last thing she feels before she wakes up is the claws digging into her face.

Morgan jolts awake, safe in bed once more. She wept. The wounds were gone, but it still hurt; she wanted to scream from the amount of pain she was in. She didn't understand why this was happening to her. There must be an explanation for this. She felt like her stomach was twisting into knots, and she was upset.

Morgan looked out the window.

This was no naturally occurring phenomenon, no normal brain activity. Something was very wrong. It lined up too much; but she was starting to understand. Morgan opened her laptop and started typing. "the dreamscape: a state of reality/being accessible by sleep." She furrowed her brows. Her fingers hovered over the keyboard for a moment before she resumed typing. "each dream sequence is pre-determined. don't know if it's possible to change that. contents of dreams have had effects on my real body: 1. i woke up freezing to death 2. i woke up another time in the kind of pain i might have felt if someone had ripped me apart."

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