Name Gynx "G" Taylor
Birthday June 13, 1993
Height 6'1"
Species canadian lynx
Gender genderfluid
Pronouns she/him
Orientation bisexual

Gynx Taylor

Gynx Taylor, or just "G" among close friends and loved ones, is a founder of PIPE DREAM SOUNDSYSTEMS. He produces speedcore, breakcore, and mashcore under the alias GYNX.


Gynx has brown fur, with a lighter brown tummy/chest and face. She has darker brown markings on her ears, back, fingers, toes, snout, and eyebrows. Her eyes are an amber yellowish-orange. His sense of fashion is rather erratic. One day, she may be wearing a tropical button-up shirt and khaki pants, and the next day, he might be fully decked out in rave attire such as tripp pants, a mesh top, kandi bracelets, etc.


Growing up, Gynx was raised by just her dad. She struggled in school and life in general a lot because of her ADHDtism; he was moody and bitter because she figured out pretty early on that the world wasnt made for people like him. He became reckless, letting her grades plummet; but managed to barely scrape by. In summer, for his 13th birthday, she was gifted a clunky ass computer and basically she fell in love with the internet.

Through the ~magic~ of the internet he discovered rave, + the music, fashion, and lifestyle it came with. She was kind of heartbroken that she couldnt go to any raves cause she's too young. But…she devoted her life to it nonetheless. She made kandi for all her friends and taught them the PLUR handshake, made her own pair of phatpants. And then she realizes Wait. I can just have my own rave. With all my friends. So, she set out to find a place to play tunez... and that place happened to be an abandoned pizza place about an hour's walk away from her house. Imagine like, a bootleg Chuck E Cheese. She went inside and was like Okay well this is perfect. Best possible place to have a rave.

Tacky rave posters were made and plastered wherever he could find a spot. About 20 people showed up but it was the greatest time she had ever had in her life. A strong bond was formed between the ravers! They would meet up at the same spot every month to hang out and jam out, and this went on for a couple years; Gynx's DJ Skillz improved over those years [AN: djing is kind of scary as fuck especially if youre doing everything live] and at age 15 she was like Wait. I can make music!!!!! So, she set out to get her hands on a cracked copy of FL Studio... Her music SUCKED at first, super choppy and offbeat but she did NOT give up. And a couple years down the road, a few practice albums later... word of her creations had started to spread online. He gained a decent following, and then released the first REAL, AWESOME album! and it was met with overwhelming positivity from her friends and suddenly, strangers from all over the world... and suddenly she was making money. [AN: i know this isnt true to like, Real Life What Happened To Me but this is MY furry ocverse and I get to make the rules]

She dropped out of high school that year, seeking to pursue a career in music and DJing. Life continued as normal for a bit. Until one summer, while on a walk, he ran into another lynx. She was dark gray, with piercing red eyes. She seemed to be afraid of Gynx at first, but he reached out for a handshake and introduced himself. "Hello, my name is-" She stopped herself. Did she want to introduce herself as her birth name? After a short pause, she resumed- "Gynx! My name is Gynx," He repeated, liking the way it felt to call herself that as a name rather than a performance thing. The other lynx brushed hair out of her eye. She took Gynx's hand, and shook it weakly. She didn't introduce herself. "It's nice to meet you," she said.

As shy as the other lynx was, she did seem to really enjoy Gynx's company. He learned her name. [AN: This was before Morgan transitioned, so she is still going by her birth name as she hasn't really realized that Being A Girl is an option yet.] The two hung out frequently after that, and eventually, Gynx caught on to the fact that the other lynx was homeless and offered her a place to stay. He still lived with his dad, and didn't have a spare room, but she decided she would sacrifice her privacy for the sake of her new friend.

The more Gynx showed the other lynx about his life, the more she seemed to be attached to him. She comes out as transgender, and reintroduces herself as Morgan. Gynx celebrates Morgan's discovery with her, but suddenly, he's also thinking about his own identity. He never really felt that connected to his assigned gender, and feels that it shouldn't matter as much as it does to everyone else. She brushed those thoughts aside; it didn't matter now. What matters is Morgan! Gynx takes her shopping at the mall for new clothes, as well as some tasty treats. They both have a great time, and Gynx finds that he really does enjoy being around Morgan. "I'm really happy I met you," He'd say. The two briefly made eye contact, and Gynx saw Morgan actually smile for the first time. She had cracked a smirk a couple times in the past, but other than that, she never really seemed to show much emotion. Gynx got butterflies just from seeing her smiling. Before leaving the mall, they rode the carousel together, just looking at each other and laughing.

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